TENEMENT SOUND - Sauce Mixtape

There's some super fresh talent coming out of the Queensland beat scene at the moment with labels like Ender, Dub Temple and Dank Morass releasing and promoting some absolutely killer futuristic bass and electro tinged ghetto anthems.

Representing the off kilter patchwork end of the spectrum comes the amazingly talented Gold Coast soul star Sauce with a banging beat tape comprised entirely of his own exclusives and remixes! Creating a seamless fusion of old school boombap, spaghetti westerns, yardie slang and future proof FM wonk is no easy task, in the hands of a lesser man the mish mash of styles could come out looking somewhat like too many pints of lager followed by a seedy kebab. But fear not as Sauce has got the nightwatch workout on a lock with club ready synth jams to bend your mind and shake your soul. Make sure you check his releases on bandcamp for more bent bass goodness coming soon.

Interview with Sauce

TS. Tell us a bit about yourself mate, how did you get into producing?

S. I live on the Gold Coast via regular trips to Brisbane on the weekends. Started making beats in 2009 using Ableton 7. Really got into music at 11 years old, mainly Primus, Mr Bungle & Parliament. Then at 14 got bitten by the Jungle/Drum n Bass bug for 10 years whilst also listening to Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert & Amon Tobin. Drum n Bass ran its course (once Pendulum started to get cocky!) & I caught early dubstep - Digital Mystikz, Loefah, Skream, Kode 9 etc. Regrettably brostep came along which left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Always searching for new music, i heard Flying Lotus 1983 which gave me massive inspiration. Although these days I lean more to the Knxwledge, Mndsgn sound but generally love the forward thinkin, wonky, future beat, bass stuff :)
TS. I've heard tell of an urban myth that you mix down all your tracks on an old pair of hifi speakers. That's the sort of thing that drives pro audio gurus nuts you know...we're all supposed to mix down on ultra flat reference monitors in acoustically treated and hermetically sealed acoustic chambers...any truth to the rumour?

S. Haha, yep thats true. My Sony 3-disc changer i got for my 21st (im 29 now) has served me well. Although in January i acquired some Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones. Has taken a few months to get used to it but I'm starting to figure them out - sort of.
TS. There seems to be a really healthy beats scene in Queensland at the moment with the likes of Ender, Dub Temple, etc. putting out some amazing music and artwork. What's it like being part of that crew?

S. Queensland is definitely standing up in the electronic scene. Brisbane folk from Dub Temple, Ender, Dank Morass have been just what this bedroom producer from the Goldy needed :) Brisbane has a great sense of community. It's big enough to have a healthy scene but small enough that everyone knows each other & can catch up at gigs, beat sessions to collab or discuss what they're making/listening to at the time. Must also mention the White Rhino boys & Silo are doing great tings!
TS. You were telling me about your live show with Knxwledge recently, how have you been putting the show together and how has the response to it been?

S. Yeah playing the Knxwledge gig was damn sweet. Really wouldn't have happened if not for Isaac (Walrii) of Dank Morass for at short notice finding a venue and giving me a support slot. I'd only Dj'd twice before. So yeah my 'live' show is really just me using Serato - I'm not technically proficient but I make a point of only playing my tunes. As with this mix, it's all Sauce.
TS. And releases and shows in the pipeline then....what Saucey goodness can the people expect in the near future, a southern states tour perhaps?

S. Well, I make about 5 tracks a week so I could probably do a release every month but I'm loyal to Dub Temple Records, they're my mentors, inspiration, fans & family when it comes to music. I have a few remixes up my sleeve so we may be doing a "Sauce..remixes" release at some point.
I have a release with Ender Records coming Sept/Oct with the 'Chupi' remixes, I believe there's a Brookwise one in there too :)
As for shows, I would like to learn how to play live with Ableton but that may be a way off yet... my friend Green Nose uses an Sp-404 which looks rather interesting?
I would definitely like to play some shows interstate, so keep an ear to the ground for that!

Tenement Sound Podcast 25


1. Sauce - Learn To Walk [Giblets & Gravy, DubTemple Records]
2. Erykah Badu - Drama (Sauce remix) [Forthcoming Dub Temple Records]
3. Sauce - Unbeknownst To Me [Giblets & Gravy, DubTemple Records]
4. Sauce - Always [Giblets & Gravy, DubTemple Records]
5. Sauce - Been Workin' [Giblets & Gravy, DubTemple Records]
6. Sauce - Crumbs [Giblets & Gravy, DubTemple Records]
7. Sauce - Munchero [Unreleased]
8. Sauce - Jumpship [Sauce self-titled EP, Dub Temple Records]
9. Miles Davis - My Funny Valentine (Sauce remix) [Forthcoming Dub Temple Records]
10. Sauce - Time [Unreleased]
11. Sauce - Cream Bulb [Lee Scratch Perry beat tape, Dub Temple Records]
12. Sauce - Paper Moustache [Unreleased]
13. Outkast - Ms Jackson (Sauce remix) [Forthcoming Dub Temple Records]
14. Sauce - Speakeasy [Unreleased]
15. Sauce - Carpaccio [Sauce self-titled EP, Dub Temple Records]
16. Sauce - This Is [Unreleased]
17. Sauce - Empty [Unreleased]
18. Chupi - House Full OF Things (Sauce remix) [Forthcoming Ender Records]
19. ATLASt - Pack Up & Walk (Sauce remix) [ATLASt single, DubTemple Records]
20. Sauce - Handstand [Unreleased]
21. Sauce - Grimace (Feat. 8man) [Giblets & Gravy, DubTemple Records]
22. Sauce - Chapter (Feat. Ed Ruben) [Giblets & Gravy, DubTemple Records]

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  1. Nice Work Sauce. Love your stuff mate. Nice sound.
    I heard you were bringing out a track named Ewok in the near future, meant to be pretty mean I heard. Inspiration brought from weekends spent many years ago trekking in the Boarder ranges with friends.