Foundation Sounds - Jack

Time to Jack

Looking back to the roots of house with this mix and picking out a selection of my favourite records from the Traxx label and the Chicago house era. There’s plenty of interest at the moment in the old school production techniques these guys used and you can see why. The elements are simple, but the rhythms totally make you want to move, which really is what dance music is all about. If you missed these jams the first time around don’t fear as a lot of them  are being remastered and repressed on high quality vinyl (unlike the first time). Even twenty years later these tunes still kick like hell, guaranteed to make you jack!

Foundation Sounds - Jack

01. Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love Can't Turn Around
02. Blake Baxter - The Sexual Deviant
03. Ralph Rosario - U Used To Hold Me
04. Romanthony - Now You Want Me
05. Frankie Knuckles - Baby Wants To Ride
06. Adonis - No Way Back
07. House Master Boys - House Nation
08. Fingers Inc. - Washing Machine
09. Sleazy D - Ive Lost Control
10. Ele Ferrer - Ill Make You Happy
11. Discipline Ft Bobby Pruit - Reaching
12. Larry Heard - Missing You
13. Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

Foundation Sounds - King Tubby

Continuing on with the Foundation Sounds series and you can’t listen to any kind of bass music without drawing reference to one of the original pioneers of heavy sounds, King Tubby. The Jamaican dub master introduced and developed so many crazy new ways of manipulating music, remixing on the fly and using the studio desk as an amazing musical tool. He’s been one of my main influences when it comes to mixing…put the drums forward and make space for the bass. This mixtape is a just a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of releases Tubby had a hand in, he was a freakishly talented producer the likes of which we may never see again.

Foundation Sounds - King Tubby

01. King Tubby - Invasion Dub
02. King Tubby - Superstar Dub
03. King Tubby - Jehova's Dub
04. King Tubby - Rubber Dunza
05. King Tubby - Declaration of Dub
06. King Tubby - Dub of Rights
07. King Tubby - King Tubbys In Fine Style
08. King Tubby - The Way It Is
09. King Tubby - African Sounds
10. King Tubby - Queen of the Minstrel Ft. Cornell Campbell
11. King Tubby - King Queen and Minstrel Dub
12. King Tubby - Queen of the Ecotion (Scientist Mix)
13. King Tubby - The Champion Version
14. King Tubby - Blood Sweat And Dunza
15. King Tubby - Braces Tower Dub
16. King Tubby - Easy Dread And Check This Dub
17. King Tubby - Queen of the Minstrel Dub
18. King Tubby - King Zion Dub

Foundation Sounds - Groove Chronicles

This year Tenement Sound will be presenting a new semi regular series showcasing some favourites,  artists, labels and sounds, and what better place to start than with the Godfathers of 2-step Groove Chronicles. It's been pretty hard to miss their tunes over the years, but if you have then this mix should be a good jumping off point for tracing the history of some of the best garage releases put out. Take a trip back to '98 with Noodles & El-B keeping it dark and sexy for the next fifty...enjoy!

Foundation Sounds - Groove Chronicles

01. Nu Birth - Anytime (Groove Chronicles Remix) [Locked On]
02. Groove Chronicles - Faith In You [DPR]
03. Groove Chronicles - Life Is What You Make It [DPR]
04. Groove Chronicles VS Booker T Feat. Aaron Soul - Gotta Get Mine [White]
05. Groove Chronicles - Makin Love [DPR]
06. Groove Chronicles - Hold On [GC Records]
07. Groove Chronicles - Shattered [GC Records]
08. Groove Chronicles - Millenium Funk [White]
09. Groove Chronicles - 1999 [DPR]
10. Groove Chronicles - Black Puppet [DPR]
11. Groove Chronicles - Shakedown [White]
12. Groove Chronicles - Masterplan [White]
13. Dru Hill - How Deep Is Your Love (Groove Chronicles Remix) [White]
14. Goldie - Believe (Groove Chronicles Dub Mix) [FFRR]
15. Sia -  Get Me (Groove Chronicles Vocal Mix) [Long Lost Brother]
16. Myron - We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix) [Island Records]
17. Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold [GC Records]

TENEMENT SOUND Top Ten of 2013

Another massive year of tunes, always hard nailing it down to the top ten releases but here they are. My favourite picks from the world of dancefloors, headphones and home listening experiences. Hope you enjoy the selections as much as I did picking them!


01. Andras Fox - Soft Illusions (Home Loan Records)
02. Ptaki - Krystyna (The Very Polish Cutouts)
03. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Send A Prayer Pt 2 (MCDE)
04. Terekke - Bank 3 (L.I.E.S.)
05. Breach - Jack (Dirtybird)
06. Max Graef - Kaese Schinken Floete (Box aus Holz)
07. Boddika & Joy Orbison - Mercy (Boddika VIP) (Nonplus)
08. Moomin - A Day And A Night (Closer)
09. Tessela - Hackney Parrot (Poly Kicks)
10. Lone - Airglow Fires (R&S)


If you caught Greybeard on our Tenement Sound TRNSMT show you know what to expect here, if not you're in for a proper treat. He's a master at finding those hidden tasty gems and knows the true art of selecting moody soul and boogie for the both the floor and the heart.
Take note heads, you about to witness some serious jams.

A few words from the man...

TS. First off let me congratulate you on an excellent mix, very classy! I gotta say in this day and age of digital music production and consumption, you're swimming against the flow somewhat and sticking to what some would now class as an old school way of collecting music. You're definitely preaching to the choir here but why wax?

GB. I’m definitely not a purist, I haven’t always been playing vinyl and I’m all for the digital format. It’s pretty hard getting a 12” on your iPod to listen to on your way to uni. The main reason for me would be the fact that the labels that I like are generally vinyl only.

TS. I know you've got a soft spot for a good edit, however edits seem to cop a fair bit of flak from some corners of the dance community, and I can certainly see where they're coming from. What's your position on the whole reworking of lost and not so lost classics?

GB. I love edits!!!!!! Especially when it’s an edit of an extremely rare and expensive cut where you never stood a chance of owning, like Claudja Barry’s ‘Love For The Sake Of Love’, you wouldn’t be able to pick up the original for less than $50. Luckily for us it got a touch up by Suonho and now sells for retail.

TS. You've got quite a knack of finding the gems amongst the ton of new releases out there, what's the main thing you look for in new tunes?

GB. I have to like it first, then I’ll usually look to see if the label that released the record sell out and lastly check to see how many copies are pressed. If it’s anything fewer than 500 you might want to get your hands on it before the Discogs vultures do.

TS. And if people want to hear more of Greybeard where's the best place to keep up to date?

GB. I keep my facebook page updated.

Catch Greybeard bringing that heat alongside the Tenement crew on the fourth Tuesday of every month, 7-8pm on TRNSMT.

TENEMENT SOUND Podcast 37 - Greybeard

01. Cole Medina - I Like You
02. Daniel Drumz - If You Want Me, Say It
03. Unknown Artist - We Love Rose
04. Mark E - Formed
05. 6th Borough Project - If The Feeling's Right
06. Ptaki - Krystyna
07. Onur Engin - I'm Back For More
08. Matthew Kyle - Honey Sugar
09. Dead Rose Music Company - Come Closer
10. Stupid Human - Star In The Ghetto
11. Mathieu Clé - After Midnight
12. JV - Needs Ending


The Nautilus was piercing the water with it's sharp spur, after having accomplished nearly ten thousand leagues in three months and a half, a distance greater than the great circle of the earth. Where were we going now, and what was reserved for the future?

Jules Verne, 10 000 Leagues Under The Sea


01. El Hadj Ensemble; 2004. (The Pulse of Africa) [ARC] - Track 4; Basoga Lusoga
02. Bill Cosby; 1971. (Bill Cosby Talks To Kids About Drugs) [UNI Records] - Track A4; Bill Talks About Hard Drugs
03. Bill Cosby; 1971. (Bill Cosby Talks To Kids About Drugs) [UNI Records] - Track A3; Dope Pusher Song
04. Sven Kacirek; 2011. (The Kenya Reworks) [Pingipung] -Track B2; Takaye Village
05. Satyajit Ray; 1964. (Charulata) -; Not Known
06. Sven Libaek & His Orchestra. (Misty Canyon/Soul Thing) [Votary Records] - Track A; Misty Canyon
07. X-Scape'99; 1997. (Boooooom) [Uberflesh Recordings] - Track B4; Five and Ten
08. Omdurman Women's Ensemble; 2005. (The Rough Guide To The Music Of Sudan) [World Music Network] Track 12; Daloka Bet Al Mal
09. The Caretaker; 2008. (Persistent Repetition Of Phrases) [Install] - Track A2; Persistent Repetition Of Time
10. Illaiyaraaja; 2010. (Play That Beat Mr. Raja #1 - Selected Oddities From The Tamil Film Industry (1984-1991)) [Cartilage Records] - Track A1; Title Music
11. Dub Taylor; 2001. (Detect) [Force Tracks] - Track D1; Dirty Highways
12. Archibald Wynner; 2008. (EP3) [Which? Mellow. Records] - Track B2; Sunsh4
13. Muungano National Choir; 1990. (Missa Luba/ 10 Kenyan Folk Melodies) [Phillips] - Track A5; Vamuvamba
14. Mohalabonga; 2012. (Psychic Voyages) [Self Released] - Track 2; Back From The Brink
15. Unit Moebius; 1993. (Untitled) [Bunker Records] - Track B2; Biosoft
16. Wolf Müller; 2011. (Fagerfeuer Tanz) [Themes For Great Cities] - Track B2; Lagerfeuer Tanz
17. Adonic Presents Late Invitation; 2010. (The Invite) [Mathematics Recordings] - Track A2; The Late Invitation Theme
18. Elemenopea; 1996. (Groove Distribution Contribution) [Mostly Muzak Records] - Track B2; Untitled
19. John Bugalooo; 2004. (Wretched Rhythm) [Smash Dis Records] - Track 6; A + B
20. Cassette Boy; 2002. (The Parker Tapes) [Spymania] - Track A33; Hat Whistle The Shoe Whistle
21. Elmore Judd; 2007. (Insect Funk) [Honest Jon's Records] - Track A6; Ultra Busy
22. Peshay; 1996. (Predator/On The Nile) [Metalheadz] - Track B; On The Nile
23. Woods and Water; 2012. (Torrid Sausage) [Hatazz Rock Rec] - Track 6; Mondays Organ
24. BRKWSE UN-RLSD; 2011?. (White Label) [White Label] - Track 3; What Went Wrong?
25. Brookwise; 2012. (No Release) [No Label (no love)] - Raw Luv (With MvR Bits)
26. Switched Off Turrell; 2001. (Sameday Someday) [Heretics in Hermetics Disc Union] - Track 3; Take Ivy Alan Ginsberg - America
27. Digs For Pigs; 2007. (Slayde) [About Time] - Track 11; Nights
28. Training; 2002. (Bake Tartare) [Rue'in Records] Track 6; Akai Tapes 6


Super excited to be featuring an exclusive dubplate mix from fresh bass producer RealTEK. He's only been in the game a short while but his tunes already carry a signature heavyweight sound that you know are going to sound big on a system. The mix is pure fiyah too...all about the vibes on this one. Melbourne heat!

Interview with RealTEK

TS. First up let me say this mix is tight! It’s really cool that you’ve developed a unique sound, no easy feat in this day and age. How did you get into producing and how long have you been honing your skills?

RT. Cheers. I got into producing early 2010 my mate and I would write these awful 30 second mid range wobble loops and think it was gonna be "the next big thing".
When I found the more rootsy bass lead side of dubstep I really felt this weird connection with it and decided to keep writing that sort of stuff.
Skream loefah and mala really inspired me to create just from how powerful their sound is and what their tunes would do to people in the crowd.

TS. You’re obviously a fan of the early dubstep vibes, there’s something about that sound that is quite ageless, similar to original 70’s dub and reggae I suppose. Do you see the dubstep sound of 2013 as a continuation of that heritage?

R. Definitely a fan of the 05-08 sound of dubstep. Sadly I wasnt around for all that and hearing the progression of the sound turn into what it is today. I feel the rawness of the tunes in 05-06 is ageless.
I can listen to a Gantz or a Compa track then listen to a Kromestar beat from 06 or a 2004 Skream and Benga track and still be going nuts.

TSAny tips for the budding bass producers out there on getting that sub bass to sit correctly?

R. To be honest I'm still learning myself on how to make that sub rattle the chest.
What I've learnt is it's about the FQ's your pushing and the ones your cutting.
A good tip is too keep the vibe of a tune rolling and don't let the technical side get in the way of creativity, there is plenty of time for that after you've written the tune.
Also a good help is that dubstep is a family thing. You can easily message the big players in the scene and ask for guidance. Like all of us we all have to start somewhere.

TS. Gig and release wise what have you got lined up for the rest of the year and where can people see you playing?

R .I've got a gig actually coming up on the 20th of august at Lounge I'm going b2b with a guy called Bluey who's also a fellow producer in Melbourne. No releases as of yet hopefully in the future I'll be putting stuff out.

Also Just wanted to give a quick shout to Ac23, Baddums, Bluey, Alaska and Arctic and big ups to Tenement Sound.


01. RealTEK - Moody Dub (DUB)
02. RealTEK - 033094 (DUB)
03. RealTEK - RIZ Dub (DUB)
04. RealTEk - Annihalation Dub VIP (DUB)
05. RealTEk - Stella Slag (DUB)
06. RealTEk - The TRIM (DUB)
07. RealTEk - Mahjong (DUB)
08. RealTEK - Riddim! (DUB)
09. RealTEk - Jungle Jim (DUB)
10. RealTEK - Greetings VIP (DUB)
11. RealTEk - DUBKING (DUB)
12. RealTEK - Tribeking (DUB)
13. RealTEK VS JME - If You dont know REMIX (DUB)
14. RealTEK - Bumpin! (DUB)